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What can it do for Merchants?

What is it?

Displays a Google Map of the world, pinpointing where your customers are from anywhere on the globe.

Create some excitement for your customers while waiting.

The whole family can participate. They enter their name and address information, then it displays their location for a family selfie. Kind of like an electronic word of mouth referral.

Merchant gets the information.

Merchant now has a way of capturing customer information they may have never been able to obtain previously. Merchants and visitors can see the demographic reach at a glance!

Send them a follow-up "Thank You"

Tell your customers how much you appreciate them. Send them an email with a TripAdvisor, Yelp or Google invite to tell your story in their own words.

Keep them coming back

Send coupons or offers for their next visit! Team up with other merchants that have a map for great cross promotions.

Add to your customer list

Add the best customers you have - those that have already experienced your venue.

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