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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload my existing customer list? What if I don’t have any?

You can provide us a list in a .csv format that includes name, email and physical address, Cell Phone(optional) to upload to the map. The map has an option to use a set of placeholder “dummy” names and locations all over the world that can be turned off once you have enough names of your own.

What does the monthly or annual maintenance charge cover.

All system and software upgrades licenses and subscriptions, web, database and email hosting, backup and modifications to U-Pin-It software. Costs are reviewed annually. Any announced changes in fees will go into effect on the next anniversary date of your contract following the change.

How do I administer my map for editing/deleting names and display options?

You are in control and can customize your own site content. The Map Settings Section is used to access all these controls.

Can I download my names for a promotional email blast?

Your file can be downloaded in .csv format that can then be uploaded to one of the email campaign providers like Constant Contact, Campaigner, MailChimp, etc. or to your own existing customer base. Since these programs have their own segmentation and Merge/Purge features, all data is downloaded as raw data.

What is the optional Full Screen Overlay Page?

This is an option that Non-profits requested to display their Donor list as required by law. It can also be used for any other purpose such as a Special Event Announcement, Restaraunt Menu, Photos or basically anything you can do with HTML code. It overlays the entire screen with 1920w x 1080h resolution. The client is in full control to toggle this feature On/Off, Frequency (How often to display) and duration (How long it overlays the map).

What if we don’t have a good internet connection?

Display devices can use wired or wireless connections. A wired connection is more reliable and easier to troubleshoot. You could run the application via a “hotspot” provided by your internet provider or mount a wirless router or buster near the devices to increase the signal strength. Check wit your internet provider.

Can the map be displayed on any device?

Since it is a web page, it can be displayed on any device that has a web connection. The larger the display area the more detail can be seen. We recommend a 50" screen with 1920x1080 resolution minimum. An HDMI input is required to accept input from StickPC. A Smart TV can be used but TV browsers are not robust enough to display the map properly.

How do I prevent bad words or profanity?

There is code built into software that will filter out known profanity, but some could still get through. By monitoring the new add report on a regular basis you can edit/delete entries to stop them from displaying. Assign someone to edit/delete it through the “back office” portal. Alert your staff to watch and get imput from offended customers. If something on your map needs immediate attention, remember any part of what is displaying so you can do a search on the database for that phrase and remove the pin. Depending on the number of pins on your map, it won't display again until all others have been rotated through randomely.

Do I get a discount if I have more than one location?

Since most installations are for a single map, we have kept our pricing reasonable. We have a tiered rate plan base on the number of locations for extra licenses after the first license. Setup and administration must be done for each map individually.

I have more than one venue, can I combine names?

You can decide to have names combined across all your venues or have them segregated for each location. A license is required for each location.

Can I have more than one map at the same location?

Each map needs to be licensed whether you display the same data or keep the separate.

Can I share my list with other map owners?

Any sharing arrangements are between you and the other location(s). Your data for your map is protected from being shared by anyone else unless all parties involved sign off that there is an agreement that you have worked out collectively.

Can I use existing equipment that I already have?

It is tempting to want to utilize older computer equipment, but most do not support the features needed to drive the map properly. We provide a small footprint StickPC pre-loaded to startup and run only your map. Either Android or Ipad tablets can be used with a 10" screen for the address input device. Tablet must be compatable with Kiosk lockdown software and have good WiFi capabilities.

Can I have advertising on the page?

There is an area on the right side of map where you can advertise yourself or someone else if you choose. Resolution is 500w x 375h. Any higher resolution will be sharper, but should be a multiple of this ratio to display properly when reduced. By selling advertising you can recover your recurring monthly subscription fee. You are totally in charge. Up to 20 adds are allowed and you choose the duration you want each add to show.

I know other people who could use this product, is there a referral program?

Simply turning in a potential customer is always appreciated by our Sales staff. However, if you play a major role in demonstrating your existing map and its features, answering questions a new client might have, we can offer a referral fee.

How will upgrades be handled?

Upgrades are covered by the subscription fee based on the feedback “wishlist” from our clients. Setup options will allow you to customize your own map appearance. Since this is a web based application, upgrades will be automatically applied to all accounts at the same time. Custom changes can be made but are not recommended and can get costly.

What if someone abandons the input before accepting it?

There is a timeout mechanism on the input page that will clear any abandoned entries and a countdown warning in case of a slow or interrupted entry. This can also happen automatically if there is a temporary loss of WiFi.

What if I lose my internet connection?

There will be unavoidable interruptions from time to time that are beyond anyone’s control. Most of the time they are momentary. The map will stop working during these interruptions and will re-start when Internet access is available again. Tablets behave differntly from model to model. Some tablets will recover automatically. There should be an WiFi icon on the tablet that will show connection status. See Support FAQ's for more information.

What if I only want to show the map with no right side panel

All features for the right side panel can be toggled on/off as you wish maintained in the Map Settings.